Sustainability for the home

We want a community aware of the limited resources of the environment, that’s why we apply the requirements imposed by the nZEB legislation, especially those that relate to energy efficiency. Something that will be reflected in your future bills, your heating and cooling costs of your apartment being much better controlled. We are also setting up a selective waste collection system.

Relaxation spaces

Each apartment has its own relaxation space, so appreciated by all the members of the house. The ground floor units each have a private garden, laid out like a lawn and bordered by tall shrubs. We provide loggias for each individual unit, where we use glass railings, for added elegance at home. The apartments on the top floors have wide private rooftops, with areas between 25 and 120 square meters.

Common areas

The buildings have 2 high-capacity elevators (of 8 and 10 people) for each staircase, and the common areas and stairwell are finished with high-traffic granite and ceramic. The roads to and from home will be permanently comfortable and safe for all members of the Akcent City community.

Green spaces & playgrounds

Our focus is on children and those who want to have a healthy and green environment around their home. We provide wide green spaces for the future community, approximately 4200 sqm, and two playgrounds, the place where the first and most lasting friendships within the complex will be formed.

Parking space & car access

We provide 796 underground parking spaces, 119 above-ground parking spaces, as well as the necessary infrastructure for installing charging stations for electric vehicles. The complex benefits from access to the underground parking through roller doors with opening and electric operation from the remote control.

Daily schedule & leisure time

We are located near some office buildings where you may currently work, or wish to reorient yourself professionally. The daily basket is easy to plan with local grocery stores, and your child’s school is a new opportunity to spend quality time with them on a leisurely daily walk. The distance from the center is short, and the distance from the Henri Coandă International Airport and the North Railway Station can be traveled in optimal time.