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We are building a large residential project in the Bucureștii Noi area, where we want to lay the foundations of a modern community and, at the same time, improve the lifestyle of hundreds of families and other residents. From complying with nZEB standards legislation to high-quality finishes and amenities within the complex, in Akcent City we will focus on comfort, accessibility and freedom of movement.






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The number of storeys of the 5 buildings is 2B+G+8F+9R and adds up to a total of 723 housing units of the type studio and 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments. We have designed distinct compartments for all our homes, with large relaxation spaces and a convenient mix of finishes both inside and out, in the common areas and around the buildings.

You buy an apartment now, but you also think for the future. What your lifestyle will look like in a few years, and what you can do now to ensure long-term comfort. Choose a home in Akcent City – located close to the subway, the office, shopping malls or the park!


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Forecast project completion 4th quarter 2025

1 room apartments

From 79.000 € + VAT

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2 room apartments

From 110.000 € + VAT

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3 room apartments

From 152.000 € + VAT

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4 room apartments

From 262.236 € + VAT

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Discover your future apartment in our residential project with the help of the interactive plan. Choose the floor and the type of partitioning, exploring every detail to decide what will your future home be.

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We introduce you to a complex and competent team, starting from designers, construction engineers, architects and up to our sales and marketing teams. We are more than familiar with the residential segment, and our signature, Akcent Development, represents an additional guarantee of professionalism.