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We have already opened the door to hundreds of clients who have chosen our apartments, with the 4 residential projects completed by our teams. What to expect when you choose a home built by Akcent Development? Best quality finishes, convenient community amenities and apartments thought-out and designed to the highest living standards. We don’t just build homes, we also build growth opportunities for our clients, whether we’re talking about a personal home or one purchased for investment purposes.


We think from business to… business. We know how important the workspace is for the employer and employees or entrepreneurs, that’s why you will find some important projects signed by us in the center of Bucharest. Eminescu Offices, Mendeleev Office 5, Maria Rosetti Tower and Oscar One are already iconic office buildings, professionally managed and with premium amenities for our tenants. We offer more than a workspace. We provide flexible spaces with smart and durable technology that provide employees with a work experience of the highest standards.