Structure and facade of the buildings

We want the future buildings to have as long a lifespan as possible, that’s why their structure is made entirely of reinforced concrete frames with a general raft foundation between 1m and 1.60m. The external closures are made of porotherm brick, and the facade is finished with decorative thermosystem profiles made of polyurethane, an efficient material against water and humidity. As for the upper floors, the envelope also has a ventilated facade component.

Thermal and sanitation systems

For the heating system, we use state-of-the-art apartment building heating boilers, encapsulated and located on the roof of the buildings, which will considerably reduce noise and vibrations. The apartments are equipped with bathroom furniture and air conditioning, for added comfort.

Carpentry and flooring

The carpentry in the apartments is made of PVC profiles with 7 thermal chambers and triple window panes, which will ensure the preservation of heat and your peace of mind at home. Laminate flooring is mounted on a polyurethane thermal insulation system and we will ensure that it will provide high thermal comfort and effectively soundproof the rooms.